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      No ShortCuts TT - rnnr Crew

      Two thoughts in my head as I ran along the mid-day desert: how I would describe this relay experience to my five-year-old when we got home; and whether I was ready to get back in an increasingly rank-smelling van, gamey with six sun- and sand-scoured runners’ stank.

      Such was my mind in the depths of the No Shortcuts Time Trial, a 130-mile team relay from Santa Monica to Palm Springs. 

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      Spotlight: Jackson Wright


      Recently, we jumped at the chance to talk to one of Georgia's fastest high school students at the 800M, Jackson Wright!  We will be following this young athlete and you should too. Check it out!

      Hey, my name is Jackson. I am a senior at Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School in the City of Atlanta. As a down-to-earth student and athlete, I enjoy reading, having conversations, watching films, drawing, and cooking. However, my real passion is running. I started running in the 9th grade and since lettered in cross country and track. While I am very competitive 400M and 1600M races, my specialty is the 800M race, where I have found the most success. 

      I can confidently say that my parents encouraging me to participate in track and field are among the best things to happen to me. It led me to realize my passion for running, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. It has produced opportunities and provided me wonderful experiences. I believe that this is just the beginning, and I am looking forward to years of success through running.


      What do get out of running events/races?

      Being able to push my body to a level I never thought I could go, then learning from that experience and constantly improving as a runner. Running these races also makes me mentally more robust as I know I have to push along with making myself physically stronger by pushing through the line. 


      Why the 800M?

      Back when I was in the 9th grade, I went to try out with the track team. The head coach at the time asked me a couple of questions with the central question of which event I wanted to do. Me not knowing anything about the sport at the time, had no idea. He eventually decided to put me in the 800 for two reasons: they needed an 800m guy, and he knew I had just run cross country. At first, I would not say I intensely disliked it, but eventually, I began to adjust, and it then became my signature. 


      What’s it like on the T&F team?

      It’s great being on the team, being coached by, and learning from one of the best middle distance and distance runners to ever come out of the state of Georgia, Tony O’Kelly. Furthermore, I am also able to push and encourage my teammates to do better. 


       Do you want to run in college? Why?

      I would love to run in college. I’m relatively new to the sport, seeing how I’ve only had three full track seasons, with my junior year being canceled due to COVID-19. In addition, I’m always trying to improve as a runner, and I feel like I will blossom in college. One of my goals in life is to qualify for the Olympics, and I feel like running in college and against the college-level competition will most definitely get me to that point.  

      Beach Party Tips & Long Runs - Tips and Tricks for Running On Sand

      I was 20 miles into the race and thinking about pearls. Luminous, beautiful pearls: their luster, their glow, their value. How an oyster layers protective coatings on irritants as a defense mechanism, and produces these treasures as a byproduct. Hoping against hope with every other hobbling step that the arch of my foot was manufacturing a champion pearl, rather than churning intrusive grains of sand into a vicious, viscous three-inch blister.

      That was the 2021 Destin 50K, part of the Destin Beach Ultra Runs. We love the race, having crewed for a friend during the 2020 100-miler, and love running on the beach. My foot pearl/blister is finally healed, and with spring break and summer shuffling up, we’ll be heading back soon. It’s a wonderful place to get a long run, so if you’re heading to a beach or considering a sandy race, benefit with these tips from our considered experience.

      Lube your toes. Really grease those piggies up: the more, the better. We use 2 Toms, and it can make a huge difference reducing friction when you’re digging into the soft, giving sand, or impact on the parched wet stuff.

      Toe socks. It’s going to be like Quentin Tarantino’s Pinterest here: lots of foot stuff. You want to prep by reducing friction and rub, and keeping out grit. Pick a pair with a tight knit, that will minimize sand getting inside the sock.

      No fly-knit shoes. Trust us. You want a shoe that blocks sand, grit, and other small dirt particles entering through the top of the shoe, but still allows for drainage. On that note, you’ll also want to favor a road shoe over trail. It’ll reduce drag. But you could run in your favorite worn-out trail shoes, like we did. One last gasp of glory for your faithful footwear.

      Gaiters. You’ve seen them in photos of dusty western trail races and Comrades Marathon. Here’s where you get to live the Ultrarunning Magazine dream. These ankle tarps will keep you from kicking sand into your shoes, and keep your feet from grinding that grit into your tender skin. If you are wearing road shoes, then you will have to super glue velcro to their backs to hold the gaiters down.

      Leg liners. Listen, you’ve seen a beach, right? Sand everywhere. That means you’re likely to get sand ev-er-y-where. And in the heat and sunny glare, you’ll be generating your own abrasive: salt. Shorts with leg liners reduce salt build-up and keeps your legs from chafing. A shoe-oyster is bad enough, but a thigh-high chicken parmesan sandwich is worse.

      Lube. So important it made the list twice. Toes. Thighs. Other parts that rub. You know where.

      Hat. Oh, jeez, where can I get a stylish, effective hat? A cool hat that will shade your face, but turn heads and elevate your race photos? OH, DID SOMEONE SAY RNNR?

      Sunglasses. Lots of glare from the beach and the waves, and the unremitting beams from the sun itself. Anything serves so long as it suits your taste, so you can wear your favorite designer shades or a $5 set from the Race Trac rack beside the taquitos.

      Sunscreen. That sun’s a son of a bitch.

      Water: Your Friend? Running in the water and getting your wet feet is not terrible. After a few hours your feet will swell and the water actually feels good. Just be careful of how much sand is being thrown into your shoe when it’s wet.

      Tide schedule. Know it. This can shift during your long run and you want to be prepared, especially if you’re running through the night. You can find yourself zoned-out in the run and suddenly knee-deep in drift.

      Hydration & electrolytes. The sun, the heat, the effort can drain you and cause you to spin out. We like Salt Stick chewy thingies, which really stay with you. Also keep a general idea of where gas stations, markets, or restaurants are, in case you need to stop and fuel up, refill your hydration bladder, or empty your other bladder.

      Blister bandages. $3 at your local pharmacy, and the most valuable post-race precaution in which you can invest.

      International {Badass} Women's Day

      International {Badass} Women's Day

      Happy International Women's Day! 
      rnnr is a woman founded company and we believe that women in sport should be celebrated everyday. Since today is THE day to recognize women and all their badassery- we want to celebrate today by shining the spotlight on some of our favorite women runners who also make a big impact in the running community. 

      Dani Espino

      Bio: Dr. Dani graduated from GSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Former NCAA DI track-and field and cross-country athlete while pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biology. 

      Running accomplishments: New York, Boston, and Chicago Marathon qualifier. 

      Running goals: Continue to expand my identity as a runner, one where I don’t define myself solely by my performance. Break 17 in the 5k and 3:00 hours in the marathon. 

      How I Work With the Running Community: Owner of Aire PT to PR. At the core of Aire PT to PR is providing people with the tools they need to take control of their health and set out to achieve “PR’s” that they once didn’t think possible. To us, a PR signifies any goal that a person sets out to accomplish. 

      Learn More About Dani 
      Instagram: @aire.pttopr
      Facebook: @AirePTtoPR 

      Kirsten Kortebein

      Bio: Kirsten is a professional photographer and co-founder of She discovered trail running behind the lens first; it was while shooting the Marathon des Sables in Morocco when she was 19.

      Running Goals: I'm aiming to run my first ultra this year.

      How I Work With the Running: Community: Kirsten is the co-founder of the training platform for trail + ultrarunning. We started to make trail running accessible to everyone–all income and experience levels. is the alternative for everyone who wants to discover trail running, but needs to do so on a budget. Our training plans are definitely about training–but, they’re also about giving you structure. Accountability. 

      Learn More About Kirsten


      India Cook

      Bio: India Cook is an avid Atlanta based runner, YouTube vlogger, podcast host, RRCA certified run coach and advocate for all paces and body types. She loves running and racing, but also have a passion for encouraging and guiding runners and those who aspire to become runners. India started running in 2008 on the quest to lose weight and also engage in a healthy social activity

      Accomplishments: To date, India has completed two full marathons, 16 half marathons, and countless 5ks and 10k’s.

      How I Work With the Running Community: Since 2018, this journey has allowed her to be a podcast host of, The Run Duo Podcast. India and her co-host Tommy Mitchell, interview runners, educate and entertain listeners by talking all things running. India’s goal is to make the sport less intimidating and relatable for her listeners and viewers. India continues to use her voice and grow herself and others in the community of running. . India coaches independently and is also a run coach with a non-profit organization A.R.C., Active Resolute Connected. This organization empowers women through running and helps to break mental and physical barriers.

      Learn More About India
      Social Media:
      YouTube Channel: Miles from India-
      Podcast: The Run Duo

      Erin McGrady

      Running Goals: To run in every National Park and to stay healthy and injury-free. Increase QPOC visibility in the running community by continuing to share about my running adventures. 

      Achievements: I’ve run five marathons and a number of shorter races. I’ve had two stress fractures but have been injury-free for six years.

      How I Work With the Running Community: As a queer person of color, I share about my runs on social media, on our blog, and other outlets, most recently on The Outbound Collective. My hope is that I can inspire others to get outdoors and take up space in the places that speak to them, whether it’s parks, trails, tracks, or the sidewalks on their city.

      Caroline Whatley

      Running Goals: To run a distance further than I’ve run yet (13 miles straight). When the pandemic is over, to run with running groups in different cities we travel to!

      Achievements: Erin and I recently did a running adventure in the Outer Banks where we ran for 12 hours straight. We covered a combined 44 miles together! It was the furthest I had ever run in one day.

      How I Work With the Running Community: I take photos of our running adventures and share about them in the work we do to help increase visibility for the LGBTQ community.

      Learn More About Erin + Caroline
      Instagram: @e.mcgrady | @carolineperdue | @authenticasheville   
      Authentic Asheville: Portfolio | Blog


      Jen Raby

      Bio: I came into the sport of ultrarunning to, ironically, find a more laid-back approach to the sport that I love. While nothing seems “laid back” about running anywhere from 30 to 100 miles, I learned that the farther I go, the kinder I have to be to myself in all aspects of training and life, especially to maintain a healthy balance between being a wife, mom, runner, and personal trainer.

      Running accomplishments: Surviving Western States with a Gold Hour finish and a 19-hour 100-mile finish at the Yeti 100.

      How I Work With the Running Community: Owner of Jen Raby Fitness. Being fit and healthy does not pertain solely to making the body look or perform a certain way, and no goal can be achieved without addressing all aspects of wellness and having a strong enough “why”. I used to only concern myself with checking off the next bucket list race, but now my sole goal in running is to finish each race with more confidence and a bigger smile than the one before.

      Learn More About Jen