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The Atlanta Grand Prix /// rnnr

The Atlanta Grand Prix /// rnnr

As 2020 events began to disappear, we at rnnr started asking how our Atlanta community could come together for an amazing and fun experience. And when we seek inspiration, we hit up the Atlanta Snack Club. The Atlanta Snack Club are brilliant mad hatters, wrought from the irreverent infatuation of all things Atlanta street and trail traveled by foot or by wheel. With them, we pushed and pulled on the ideas of something fun and competitive, of something grand but personal. Eventually, the concept of the Atlanta Grand Prix was born.

A Grand Prix is an extended experience, so we decided six courses could be done over a twelve week period. Each course would get its own two week window, with runners exploring only that course for as many times as they want, when they want, to get their best time. That means getting multiple shots at redemption, experimenting with course strategy, and seeing more of the course’s hidden beauties each time. And while our excitement for the individual experience rose through the roof, we knew the community experience around this Grand Prix would become something spectacular.

First, we wanted to create a symbol of community for the Atlanta Grand Prix. We leaned on our strengths at rnnr and created a high-quality performance running hat. We place enormous emphasis on this product as it factors into much of a person’s experience with the environment. We consider the comfort of wear, protection from the sun, effects on the wearer’s vision (brim popped up, backward, or flat forward), moisture control, ventilation, stowability, how the user will wear the product, and then we get to make the attractive looks. For the Atlanta Grand Prix, we wanted a hat to express the eye-catching vibrance of a shimmering race car in the distance, swinging out of a turn under the summer sun. Then, we paired that with classic pit-team text style and graphics and a racing figure above the traditional and immortal checkered flag.

With our symbol decided, we then focused on the running experience. At rnnr, we celebrate not running for time, but running for a good time. As the Atlanta Grand Prix began to find life and figure, we saw an opportunity to emphasize runners of every speed and background. We definitely had loads of fun deciding on a big ass trophy for overall winners. And, yet, we found ourselves growing giddy thinking about a DFL award: this coveted tribute uplifts the badass, gritty perseverance of human nature, and that is the stuff that makes us smile. So set out to reward all kinds of different running experiences.

We want to create a sense of exploration and fun, and to draw on the running community that we love dearly. Atlanta holds one of the greatest and most diverse running communities in the world. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we can’t stop looking for new ways to engage people and mix things up. The Atlanta Grand Prix is new for us, and sometimes it seems massive and daunting. But it’s also something that we would like to do, ourselves. Ultimately, the biggest part of it all is that every day and every week will be a story created by the runners, walkers, the parents and kids who find something new out here in Atlanta. There’s no way we couldn’t share the joy of gathering a community like this together for twelve weeks! Bottom line, we at rnnr are made by you, by our community - the source of our admiration and inspiration. Yours is the story we can’t wait to share.

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