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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Chris (Georgia)
      The Straggler is a Winner

      Another winning style from rnnr’s Pacer collection.

      These hats are great for running, crewing, chilling, Zoom calls, or carb-loading post race. 58 cm fits my medium-sized noggin well. Solid fit out of the box that only gets better over time. Keep that brim flat, or flip it up for those uphills on the trail. Word to the wise: hand wash in cold water before your first wear and after every run to dial in that fit over time and keep things fresh.

      Don’t overthink it - get some rnnr style in your life and go get after it!

      Ashleigh (Missouri)
      Melted Pastel Skittles

      Love this hat! The pacer brims are a little shorter than the distance style. The fabric on this hat is great for rainy/drizzly runs and for cooler weather. Great hat any day, but those chillier and/or wet days, this one excels!

      Kristen (California)
      Love RNNR hats!

      I have a big head and lots of hair and RNNR is the only brand that fits me comfortably! I wash them every time I wear them for running and they’ve held up really well.

      Zee P. (Virginia)
      Pacer Hat

      Super light. Comfortable elastic band that’s more absorbent than I expected. I like the flexible brim and the vents all over. Very breathable. Gotta love the subdued tie-dye. All around probably the best running hat I’ve had.

      Ellen C. (Texas)
      My new favorite hat

      Got this hat at the start of summer and it instantly turned into my go-to. It blocks the sun while not causing my head to overheat. I just took it on a long-distance hiking trip in Peru. It held up well on a 7-day trek to Machu Picchu. When I came home I put it in the wash on gentle cycle and it came out looking bright as new. Highly recommend.