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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews

      Lightweight & comfortable. I’m bald & it doesn’t create a mark on my forehead. Huge plus! Got the right size (LXL); I wear 7 3/8 fitted cap. It’s now my go to hat when I go to the gym. I sweat a lot & the hat absorbs the sweat well enough. I’ve worn the hat 5 times at the gym in one week. No sweat marks on it yet.

      Paul B. (New York)
      The Best active lifestyle hat

      I’m on my 2nd Pacer Bolt hat ( one went in the wash by accident and never came out the same) and let me tell you, this is THE BEST hat to run/ workout in. I wear it on every run/workout and hand wash it every day. It always looks brand new and it’s light and comfortable to wear all day!

      Julius G. (New Jersey)
      Pacer Hat : Bolt

      Perfect fit, light weight, and amazing quality! I’m loving my new hat!

      CB (California)
      I like it.

      Nice and lightweight. I enjoy the fit and design of the hat, for me that was the real selling point. There aren't many fun looking running hats out there. As far as durability goes only time will tell. One main complaint I have is that I wish it had a strap keeper for the part where you tighten the hat. Mine sticks out and doesn't look tidy. For a hat that's close to $50 shipped it would have been nice.

      Albert A. (California)

      Super slick and breathable! Looks great worn forward and backward. And the brim is small enough to push it up if that’s your taste.