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Distance Hat: Party Pace Pink

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Stay cool on the hottest days with our lightweight Distance Running Hat, designed with SPDWick moisture-managing fabrics that are ultra-breathable and quick-drying. Featuring large side mesh panels for maximum ventilation, this hat targets the hottest parts of your head to keep you comfortable during long runs. The flexible brim allows you to customize your style—curve it, flip it up, or leave it flat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Maxxx (California)
Great hat for big head

I needed a hat to wear while working out and running, but I’ve always struggled with finding one that fits my big noggin (about 7 7/8”). Came across a forum online suggesting rnnr and I am pleased with my purchase! Fits comfortably without looking like the strap is maxed out. I will also say that distance style fits me better (more flattering) than pacer style.

Amy E. (California)
Got wrong item

I received wrong item in the mail. When I reached out to customer service they sent a replacement hat and shipping label for incorrect hat I received. I didn’t feel comfortable shipping the incorrect item before receiving the correct item in the mail. It is also an inconvenience to go to the store and have this item shipped. I would have preferred to keep the incorrect color and just get a coupon code discount for a future order. Now I have to go through the inconvenience of shipping an item back that was not my error to begin with.

Christine Z. (Wisconsin)
Party pace pink

Love it! Very comfy and airy

Ari (New York)

This hat was even better than I thought it would be! The material and fit was perfect. I normally wear Ciele running hats and this hat was just as good- if not better? Will definitely order more in future!

Karen G. (Texas)
The perfect hat

I love this hat!! I truly feel like a kid with new shoes. This hat is pink, fun, but most of all comfortable