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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      James T. (Pennsylvania)

      My favorite socks hands down.

      Mary C. (Texas)
      The best socks!!

      My sister got me a few pairs for Christmas (they were on my Christmas list). I was training for my first half marathon and during my long runs (8ish miles or more) as the feet/ankles would inevitably swell especially on warmer days in Texas, the socks I had would become uncomfortable. I was so excited to try these when I opened them and I was not disappointed! They are so soft and don’t feel tight but also stay in place perfectly! It drove me crazy in my other socks when I could notice/feel my other socks and not once while wearing these did it cross my mind! I ended up hitting my personal best at the half marathon in the purple socks while also wearing the straggler hat! There was even a spot of a few puddles that weren’t easily avoidable without going in wet grass so my socks and shoes got a little wet at about mile 4 but they seemed to dry quick even though it was only about 39° and I had no issues! I think I’ll end up with all the different styles before long!

      Hannah (Tennessee)
      Pleasantly Surprised

      I'm VERY picky about my socks and footwear choices since I have had so many problems over the years running ultras. I usually stick to toe socks only to ensure my toes can splay properly. I was so so so so happy when I tried these on and they didn't squish my toes AT ALL and they didn't feel loose at the same time. The seams are all very soft as well, so no chafing on the toes. They are some special kind of synthetic that wicks really well, so no swamp toes even if I go from speed work to crossfit to easy run, which is a huge win for me in the practical department. Of all the conventional (non-toe) socks, these have been my favorite to date.




      Brilliant colors great quality