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      Designing our Bucket hat with Ultra Runner Jake Jackson


      Designing our Bucket hat with Ultra Runner Jake Jackson @ultrajakejackson

      Alright, alright, let's talk about bucket hats! You've been blowing up our DMs asking for one, so we got together and were like, "Yeah, let's make this happen!" But hold up, we weren't about to half-ass it. Nah, we wanted to create the ultimate bucket hat.

       So, we hit up our boy Jake Jackson – you know, the ultra running legend; USA 24hr teammate, 100K & 100M course record setter, unknown amount of 100 milers, FKT ninja? Yeah, that guy. We figured if anyone knows what it takes to survive the gnarliest, hottest races, it's Jake. @ultrajakejackson

      We went through a rigorous design process for this hat. We're talking fit, visibility, weight – you name it, we tested it. And let's not forget about sun coverage, brim density, and breathability.


      Now, here's the kicker: Jake was our guinea pig for a whole year. Yep, you heard that right. He put our prototypes through the wringer, giving us feedback that helped us fine-tune every little detail. Rain or shine, blazing sun or gusty winds, Jake was out there, putting our hat through its paces.

      You know whats wild? Now, whenever you see Jake tearing up the trails on those scorching hot days, you can bet your bottom dollar he's rocking our bucket hat. It's become his go-to gear, and we couldn't be prouder.

      But hey, this hat ain't just for the pros. Whether you're a seasoned ultra runner or just getting started on your couch-to-5K journey, our bucket hat is here for you. It's comfy, it's fresh, and most importantly, it'll keep you cool when the heat is on.