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      Strap in, rnnrs! The Heavyweight Hoodie is here. It's not just a sweatshirt; it's your new partner in crime for looking cool and staying cozy, whether you're breaking a sweat or just breaking for brunch.


      The Heavyweight Hoodie blends comfort, style, and positive impact, making you feel good in every way.


      All the cooling and moisture management, without the harsh chemicals.


      Men and women's cuts for maximum comfort while running and relaxing.


      Thoughtful details make this hoodie your new BFF. Look for the boxed hood shape, minimal hood straps, the hidden pocket, and cropped cuffs.

      Recycled Poly and Dri-Release Magic

      We care about the planet almost as much as you care about nailing that personal best. That's why the Heavyweight Hoodie is made from recycled poly and Dri-Release natural fibers. Translation? It’s the softest quick-wicking fabric your skin will thank you for, and all without the drama of harsh chemical treatments. Mother Earth gives it a green thumbs-up, and so does your inner eco-warrior.

      Made To Move

      This isn't your grandma's hoodie; these his and hers performance cuts mean business. Picture this: you're sprinting down the street, and the tri-panel hood is doing its thing, giving you a fit so snug it's like a cozy embrace. No more hood drama—just a contoured fit that's as stylish as your playlist.

      No-Bounce Hood Adjustments

      Let's talk details, because we know it's the little things that make a big difference. No more mid-run hood acrobatics—our no-bounce hood adjustments have got your back. Your hood stays put, so you can focus on breaking records, not adjusting your gear.

      Hiding All Your Secrets... or Food

      Oh, and the hidden pocket? It's not just a pocket; it's your secret weapon. Keys, cash, or a snack for those unexpected energy dips—it's your stash haven. This isn't just the best running hoodie; it's your all-occasion, all-situations, all-around amazing hoodie.


      The Heavyweight Hoodie isn’t just a garment; it’s a lifestyle. Gear up, hit the pavement, and let your run speak volumes. Your comfort, style and Mother Earth will thank you.