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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Helly (New York)
      a little wide on me

      I went with the standard size because I hate things fitting tightly on my head, but it is a bit too wide and thus, I look dorky. But it is not the hat's fault. I probably look dorky without the hat too. Have worn it a few times and it's stayed put and done its job blocking sun and rain.

      Natasha N. (Florida)
      Sleek and Sexy

      Love it love it! Comfy fit and will be perfect for those cool fall and winter runs! Like all other RNNR hats it fits great over my locs.

      William M. (California)
      Very comfortable

      Great product. I have a smaller head and finding a hat that fits is always a challenge so I was enthralled with the fact that Rnnr offers a smaller size. On top of a perfect fit, the hat is lightweight, breathes well and does not interfere with my sunglasses running. Would absolutely recommend and already debating pulling the trigger on another