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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Lucy S. (Louisiana)
      Makes running fun.

      I love this hat. The color, the text, the fabric, the fit! Everything about it makes me love it!

      Virginia L. (Tennessee)
      Fav hat ever!

      Best running hat ever! Can’t wait to get more! Doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a hat.

      Kendrick (California)
      Best hat for marathons

      I’ve worn this hat for two marathons already. It looks dope and other runners get stoked about the Part Pace hat. It’s also comfy, and easy to clean. I love that the bill of the hat isn’t cardboard, so it won’t get gross after long runs. 10/10 I own 2!

      SheRo F. (Texas)
      Bad A Hat

      Rnnr is definitely my favorite running hat. The fit is perfect and I love that you can flip the brim. The sayings on the hat are super fun but they still send a message plus who doesn’t live highlighter yellow!

      halijsahr@gmail.com (Arizona)
      You can see me from a mile away!

      This is a great running hat, fun vibrant color, quirky message and it’s very lightweight. I also like that the brim is pretty malleable so if you put it in a bag or waste band it reforms well. I have multiple things from Rnnr and I love the community and gear!