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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Hannah (Tennessee)
      Pleasantly Surprised

      I'm VERY picky about my socks and footwear choices since I have had so many problems over the years running ultras. I usually stick to toe socks only to ensure my toes can splay properly. I was so so so so happy when I tried these on and they didn't squish my toes AT ALL and they didn't feel loose at the same time. The seams are all very soft as well, so no chafing on the toes. They are some special kind of synthetic that wicks really well, so no swamp toes even if I go from speed work to crossfit to easy run, which is a huge win for me in the practical department. Of all the conventional (non-toe) socks, these have been my favorite to date.

      Jeannine L. (California)

      Get them now!! Love these socks because they are the perfect combo of snugness, thickness, and breathable material! AND SO CUTE. These are my go-to long distance, especially for marathons, socks! Never get blisters and feet stay dry!!

      Earnest L.L. (California)
      I love these socks!

      I didn’t think socks made a difference with running but I noticed it right way! Feet felt dry after my run and they were more stable in my shoe. No sliding which was a big help.