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Women's Epic

rnnr threw it out to their crew to see who wanted to run a tough mountain race. Five women were up for the challenge. They came from all corners of the country, armed with running shoes, playlists for impromptu dance-offs, and ready to take on the challenge of Women’s Epic in Utah.

After some big hugs and high-fives when they met for the first time, they headed to a local spot for breakfast. Stacks of pancakes, skillets full of potatoes and some much-needed coffee that helped them fuel up for the drive up the mountain.

That afternoon, the ladies went for a shakeout run to try and quickly (desperately) acclimate to the 10,000 feet of elevation. As it turns out, everyone who signed up was from sea level. Typical rnnr move. During the shakeout, they gasped for air and questioned their decisions to run the race in the morning. By the end, they were feeling more confident.

Who says warm-ups have to be all about stretching and foam roller? Not these women! What was their secret weapon against altitude discomfort? Dance! The start line was a party as everyone stared at the mountains they were about to climb. Over five hundred women lined up, ready for the adventure.

Each woman ran their own race and cheered on the others up and down the mountain. At the finish line, the dance party continued. Bar-b-que, beers and all the snacks were indulged in as they met other runners and swapped stories.

That afternoon they celebrated with a nice long nap- running is great but a 5AM way up is not. They spent the rest of the day lounging and checking out all the beauty the mountains had to offer.

The next morning, the women returned to their respective corners of the country, each with a newfound appreciate for the running community, shared experiences and the importance of never taking themselves too seriously!

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