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Spotlight: Jackson Wright


Recently, we jumped at the chance to talk to one of Georgia's fastest high school students at the 800M, Jackson Wright!  We will be following this young athlete and you should too. Check it out!

Hey, my name is Jackson. I am a senior at Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School in the City of Atlanta. As a down-to-earth student and athlete, I enjoy reading, having conversations, watching films, drawing, and cooking. However, my real passion is running. I started running in the 9th grade and since lettered in cross country and track. While I am very competitive 400M and 1600M races, my specialty is the 800M race, where I have found the most success. 

I can confidently say that my parents encouraging me to participate in track and field are among the best things to happen to me. It led me to realize my passion for running, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. It has produced opportunities and provided me wonderful experiences. I believe that this is just the beginning, and I am looking forward to years of success through running.


What do get out of running events/races?

Being able to push my body to a level I never thought I could go, then learning from that experience and constantly improving as a runner. Running these races also makes me mentally more robust as I know I have to push along with making myself physically stronger by pushing through the line. 


Why the 800M?

Back when I was in the 9th grade, I went to try out with the track team. The head coach at the time asked me a couple of questions with the central question of which event I wanted to do. Me not knowing anything about the sport at the time, had no idea. He eventually decided to put me in the 800 for two reasons: they needed an 800m guy, and he knew I had just run cross country. At first, I would not say I intensely disliked it, but eventually, I began to adjust, and it then became my signature. 


What’s it like on the T&F team?

It’s great being on the team, being coached by, and learning from one of the best middle distance and distance runners to ever come out of the state of Georgia, Tony O’Kelly. Furthermore, I am also able to push and encourage my teammates to do better. 


 Do you want to run in college? Why?

I would love to run in college. I’m relatively new to the sport, seeing how I’ve only had three full track seasons, with my junior year being canceled due to COVID-19. In addition, I’m always trying to improve as a runner, and I feel like I will blossom in college. One of my goals in life is to qualify for the Olympics, and I feel like running in college and against the college-level competition will most definitely get me to that point.  

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